Hitch Warehouse Red Deer Poor quality instal, &damaged product

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I purchased a fuel tank/tool box combo for my truck.From the Hitch Warehouse in Red Deer, Alberta.

This was including install. Once i was home with the installed product I noticed a dent in the lid. The next morning I called and they told me someone would call me back. i waited a few days and called them, I was told again that someone would call me back.

I waited a week and went into the business. A manager of some sort came out to look at the tank. He said he would call me back. I waited 2 weeks and called him.

He said they would replace the whole tank. He said they would call back with a install time. I got busy and did not call back. About 2 months later I noticed the mounting bolts were all falling off (not good on a fuel tank) and the pump would not keep up with the trucks demand for fuel.

I made an appointment and left the truck with them all day. They fixed the mounting bolts and the pump issue, but said they could not replace the tank as there were some marks under the lid from me. I disagreed that that should be a issue. The told me to come in and they would have a "Good Deal" on a hitch I wanted.

The "good deal" was $80 off a $270 hitch they they has under boxes in the back room. I can get a better deal on Ebay. I voiced my displeasure over this and reminded them that they did a bad install and the product didnt work correctly. He said he would call me back.

I waited 2 weeks anc called again.

I had to refresh his memory of the story.once I did he said there was nothing more they could do.

Review about: Taylor Wings Fuel And Tool Combo.


Red Deer, Alberta, Canada #589651

Customer bought a tank/toolbox combo and installation from us on May 14/12. He called and came in days later saying there was a dent in the lid. It was hard to find but he was told that we would change out the tank/toolbox. An appointment was made for the first week in June, customer rescheduled because he had no ride to work and we had no one to provide a ride for him. An appointment was rescheduled for June 12/12. Customer never cancelled nor showed up, our appointments are not confirmed. We never heard from the customer again.

In September customer comes in to have some bolts tightened and slow pump repaired and wants a new tank/toolbox. From May to September the tank/toolbox is now well used, has many scratches and a few dents. It is not returnable to the manufacturer in the present condition.

Customer asks to price out an offset ball for his B&W hitch. Selling price is $270, he is given a discounted price of $190. Customer decided not to purchase offset ball from us.

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